Tea Deblocking And Sieving Machine 6CSST-80

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DL-6CSST-80 tea deblock breaker machine mainly used for deblock tea block, the machine also can siev the tea dust.

  • Model: DL-6CSST-80
  • Power : 380/50 V/HZ
  • Dimension : 1000×900×1270 mm
  • Barrel diameter : 800 mm
  • Barrel length : 750 mm
  • Diameter of sieve : 5 mm
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    After the tea leaves are processed by the rolling machine or a molding machine, tea block breaker machine usually forms a mass or a block, and some become a firm tea block. The loose bag deblocking machine can make the block of tea evenly and quickly loose, and sieve off the broken tea leaves. At the end, improve the overall quality of tea and facilitate subsequent processing.


    Tea deblock and sieving machine can use for black tea, green tea, oolong tea and other tea which need to rolling or molding.


    1. With return shock absorber lever, easy to operate and low noise;

    2. With a return lock device, to eliminate the problem that the head and tail are easily dropped when feeding;

    3. Simple structure and beautiful appearance;

    4. Optional hot air electric furnace, convenient to dry the tea leaves while drying the sponge.


    DL-6CSST-80 tea block breaker and screening machine specification:

    Model DL-6CSST-80
    Voltage 380/50 V/HZ 
    Dimensions(L*W*H) 1000×900×1270 mm
    Diameter of inner barrel 800 mm
    Straight length of inner barrel 750 mm
    Electric motor power 0.75 kW
    Rotating speed 1400 r/min
    Rated voltage 380 V
    Speed of barrel 36 r/min
    Diameter of Sieve 5 mm

    The above data is based on fresh tea leaf water content of 30-40%.

    DL-6CSST-80 tea deblocking and sieving machine photos:

    Tea Breaker Machine Deblocking And Sieving Machine China Supplier 6CSST-80

    Tea Breaker Machine Deblocking And Sieving Machine China Supplier 6CSST-80



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