Oolong Tea Hot Air Tea Leaf Tossing Rub-wither Machine 6CZQ-110T

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DL-6CZQ-110T Wood And Coal Heating Hot Air Tea Leaf Tossing Wither Machine Mainly used for Black tea, oolong and other tea.

  • Model: DL-6CZQ-110T
  • Dimension : 3760×1120×1450 mm
  • Voltage/frequency : 380/50 V/HZ
  • Total heating power : 12 kW
  • Speed of barrel : 15-30 r/min
  • Barrel diameter : 1100 mm
  • Barrel length : 3000 mm
  • Output : 200-250 Kg/time
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    1. Standard carbon and electric heating unit, which has wide selection of fuels.

    2. Dual speed adjustment, with temperature control and time control system, can be adjusted according to demand.

    3. The tea leaf tossing machine can reverse rotation, speed up the discharging speed, save time and labor cost.


    Oolong Tea Hot Air Tea Leaf Tossing Rub-wither Machine 6CZQ-110T mainly used for oolong tea, solved the problem of low quality of tea due to temperature and weather.


    DL-6CZQ-110T hor air tea leaf tossing machine specification:

    Model DL-6CZQ-110T
    Dimensions(LengthxWidthxHeight) 3760×1120×1450 mm
    voltage / frequency 380/50 V/HZ
    Total heating power 12 kW
    Drum driving motor YCT speed regulation Power 1.5 kW
    Speed 1400 r/min
    Voltage 380 V
    Fan power  Power 1.5 kW
    Speed 1400 r/min
    Voltage 380 V
    Working speed of roller 15-30 r/min
     Inner diameter of roller 1100 mm
    Length of roller 3000 mm
    Output 200-250 Kg/time

    The above data is based on fresh tea leaf water content of 30-40%.

    DL-6CZQ-110T wood and coal heating hot air oolong tea wither tossing machine:

    DL-6CZQ-110 (2) DL-6CZQ-110 (3) DL-6CZQ-110 (4)


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