Automatic Tea Bag Packaginging Machine Tea Bags Packer 6CND-16

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DL-6CND-16 Automatic Tea Bags Packing Machine Tea Bag Packing Machine efficiency is 6 KG/h, the tea bag longest length can be 100mm.

  • Model: DL-6CND-16
  • Bag width : 70 mm
  • Bag length range : 35-100 mm
  • Endometrial bag width : 160 mm
  • Efficiency : 6 kg/h (7g)
  • Voltage : 220 V
  • Dimension : 450*560*920 mm
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    Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine Tea Bags Packer is a highly intelligent packing machine, it has high speed, high efficiency, small malfunction, etc., the machine is an ideal tool for finished tea packing.

    The tea bag packing machine for tea of high-grade packaging, divided and said after the tea bags endometrial package, convenient after the procedure ( vacuum packing ), but also better reflect the grade of the product.


    Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine suitable to oolong tea, black tea, green tea and so on, and it also suitable for the small quantity of large numbers of particles in the subcontract.


    DL-6CND-16 automatic tea bags pakcer specification:

    Model DL-6CND-16
    Bag width 70 mm
    Bag length range 35-100 mm
    Endometrial bag width 160 mm
    Work efficiency 6 kg/h (7g)
    Operating Voltage 220 V
    Dimensions 450*560*920 mm
    DL-6CND-16 tea inner membrane bags packing machine photos:

    DL-6CND-16 Cheapest Plastic Tea Bag Capsulating Packing Machine (1)

    Cheapest Plastic Tea Bag Capsulating Packing Machine DL-6CND-16 (6) Cheapest Plastic Tea Bag Capsulating Packing Machine DL-6CND-16 (3) - 副本


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