How To Deal Damp Dried Tea?

1.  How to deal with the tea after turning green grassy?

If it is not treated, it will easily become moldy after a long time, and it cannot be drunk. Generally, it is re-baking tea to remove moisture and odor, and prolong the storage time. The operation depends on the degree of greenness of the tea, and then choose the appropriate roasting method. It is not just to increase the temperature and finish roasting the tea, otherwise it will only get worse as it is roasted. Tea merchants basically have professional hojicha equipment or tools for tea re-roasting.

2.  How to prevent tea from turning green grassy?

It can be said that turning green grassy is inevitable, even if it is fully roasted tea, it is the same, it is just a matter of time sooner or later. Usually, tea leaves must be sealed, and the containers in which the tea leaves are placed should be protected from direct sunlight and moisture. When drinking tea, if it is loose tea, open the package and take out the tea leaves, and the package should be sealed as soon as possible to prevent the tea leaves from getting too much air and absorbing moisture.

Secondly, if you buy lightly roasted tea, you should drink it as soon as possible, because this kind of lightly roasted tea will start to turn green grassy at most in half a year, and it should not be stored for a long time. The tea above medium heat has less water content and is relatively durable, and it will take at least one year to turn green grassy.

Post time: Jul-15-2022