Why Dried Tea Have Grassy Flavor?

1. What is “returning grassy” and under what circumstances will tea “return grassy”

When the tea leaves have been in contact with the air for a long time, and the moisture in the air is excessively absorbed, the tea leaves will turn green grassy flavor, which can also be said to be damp. Because of the high humidity in the air, it is not difficult to understand why the tea in humid areas is in the wet season. Traders will have stricter storage requirements for tea.

The tea itself contains water, especially the lightly roasted tea. The water content is higher than that of the tea with sufficient  tea roasting. When the storage time is long, the water volatilizes and accumulates to a certain amount, which changes the content of the tea. It started to turn green grassy flavor.

2. What is the return grassy flavor tea like, and what effect does it have on the taste?

If it is serious turning grassy flavor, you can obviously feel that the dry tea strip becomes a little wet and soft when you put it on your hand, and it does not have the usual brittle feeling that it breaks when you break it a little.

In terms of taste, the aroma of tea leaves after turning green is weakened, and there are miscellaneous tastes (such as bitterness, green taste, sour taste, and the original tea taste characteristics are not so obvious. It should be noted that when you drink tea, you feel a little sour, not sour It must be that the tea has turned green, or it may be caused by insufficient tea greening, or stored in a high temperature environment for a long time. There are many reasons for the formation.) In terms of the bottom of the leaves, smelling the bottom of the leaves is also a loss of aroma and miscellaneous odors. (more green flavor)

Post time: Jul-15-2022