How To Make Round Dragon Ball Tea?

3. Kneading

After the green tea is finished, it needs to be kneaded. When kneading, the tea leaves should be kneaded into strips, so that the surface of the tea leaves is not broken, and the juice inside the tea leaves is evenly released. It affects the taste of tea after it is made, and it will lose the nutrients it contains.

4. Dry

After finishing the kneading process, the sun-dried green tea needs to be dried. For drying, you can directly fry it in a pot or dry it in a cool and ventilated place. After it is completely dehydrated and dried, it can be dried. Get cured green tea.

How is dragon ball tea made?

1. Dragon Ball Tea uses sun-dried green tea as raw material. To make Dragon Ball tea, first prepare the tea pressing and kneading machine equipment.

2. The tea leaves are well-proportioned (the number of grams of tea varies from 1-20 grams, wrapped in pure cotton cloth), the tea leaves are well-proportioned (the number of grams of tea in personal preference varies from 1-20 grams and wrapped in pure cotton cloth), steamed tea (wrapped in cotton cloth) tea leaves) place the steam outlet to steam the tea leaves, use a tea pressing machine to knead them, and round the tea leaves.

3. The production of dragon ball tea is simple, and this process type has these characteristics: portable, beautiful (complete cords).


Post time: Jul-04-2022