What Is The Temperature For Drying Green Tea?

The temperature for drying the tea leaves is 120~150°C. Generally, the rolling leaves need to be baked in 30~40 minutes, and then they can be left to stand for 2~4 hours, and then bake the second pass, generally 2–3 passes. All dry. The first drying temperature of the tea dryer is about 130-150°C, which requires stability. The second drying temperature is slightly lower than the first, at 120-140°C, until drying is the mainstay.

What is the temperature for drying green tea?

Using the green tea drying machine, according to the situation of the green tea after rolling:

Initial drying: The initial drying temperature of green tea is 110°C~120°C, the thickness of the leaves is 1~2cm, and the moisture content is 18%~25%. It is appropriate to pinch the tea leaves with thorns. After the leaves have softened, they can be re-dried.

Re-drying: The temperature is 80℃~90℃, the thickness of the leaves is 2cm~3cm, and the moisture content is below 7%. Immediately get off the machine and let it cool.

Post time: Apr-29-2022