Characteristics Of Dried Green Tea

After drying by the green tea dryer, the characteristics are that the shape is complete and slightly curved, the front seedlings are exposed, the dry color is dark green, the fragrance is clear and the taste is mellow, and the soup-colored leaves are yellow-green and bright.

Dried green tea has several characteristics: first, aroma: rich, dull and roasted taste;

Second, soup color: related to the last drying. 1. When the drying temperature is too high, the color of the soup is clear and green; 2. When the temperature is slightly lower, the color of the soup is slightly yellow, but the clarity is reduced.

Third, the bottom of the leaves: uniform in color, green and tender. The roasting process is done by green tea baking, which is suitable for fresh drinking and not suitable for long-term storage.

Dried by dryer, the green tea has a green fragrance, and the dry color is generally green, with Pekoe more prominent. Generally, when you use it with your hands, you will see Pekoe scattered and floating in the air. Because it’s dry. However, the strips are slightly loose, because if the rolling process is too heavy and too long, black strips will appear. The dry tea has obvious fire smell and sharp aroma. After brewing, the general tea soup will appear yellow-green, or tender green, emerald green. The taste is fresh and sweet, but it is not resistant to foaming, and the aroma of the bottom of the leaves is generally not lasting, because after baking at high temperature, some aroma substances such as aromatics will volatilize, so the aroma is not long-lasting, and the bottom of the leaves is green or bright. Does not appear brown.

The roasted green tea is called flower tea grade after being refined, and it is divided into grades 1-6 and sliced ​​tea. Review points: Grades 1-2, thin and tight with Miao Feng, without stems; Grades 3-4, still tightly knotted, with slightly tender stems; Grades 5-6, relatively loose, with tea stems, color and luster withered.

Post time: Apr-29-2022