2 Men Tea Tree Pruning Machine Hedge Trimmer 3CXP-110

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DL-3CXP-110 Tea Tree Pruner Pruning Machine Two Men Operated Hedge Trimmer use MITSUBISHI TU33 2 stroke gasoline engine, displacement 33CC, power 1.25HP 1KW.

  • Model : DL-3CXP-110
  • Engine model : HUASHENG 1E36F
  • Engine type : Gasoline type
  • Stroke : 2 stroke
  • Displacement : 32.6CC
  • Cutting width : 1140 mm
  • Type: Straight blade
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    This hedge trimmer machine is a professional design, production process using cash, so it has compact shape, reliable quality, high working efficiency, is the ideal tool for tea gardens, streets, road hedgerow pruning.


     1. Front handle use the dip coating processing, beautiful apperance, comfortable.

    2. The operating handle design is fully application of human body engineering, more accord with human body operation.

    3. Using high quality rubber as shock absorption material, better reduce the labor intensity of the operators.


    2 Men Tea Tree Pruner Pruning Machine Hedge Trimmer specification:

    Model 3CXP-110
    Motor model 3E32FW
    Power 0.65 kW
    Cutting width 750 mm
    Packing size 1040*340*300 mm
    Weight 7.4 kg


    DL-3CXH-110 tea tree pruner pruning machine photos:

    Double-Men Operated Petrol Kawasaki Tea Plant Pruning Machine DL-3CXP-110 (6) Double-Men Operated Petrol Kawasaki Tea Plant Pruning Machine DL-3CXP-110 (5)


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